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Masters Choice Brand Lead, Rob-See-Co

One of the most impressive aspects we quickly noticed working with Bailey & Company was their ability to quickly understand our industry providing immediate impact through critical thinking and looking at our business through a completely different lens. Darren has an uncanny ability to recognize needs and threats and create or implement procedures to mitigate your risk, improve operations, and prepare for growth. Whether you’re looking at filling gaps in your current administration or management team or just needed a fresh set of eyes, the Bailey & Company team will provide a level of support, knowledge, and vision you honestly can’t measure in just dollars.

Darren Bailey has the type of problem-solving acumen you just can’t teach. His ability to find opportunity in almost any situation is matched only by his relentless desire to give back to the community. Whatever success means to you, Darren has proven time and time again he’ll find a way to get you there.

Finance Manager, City of Goodyear, Arizona

General Manger, North America Container Export at ADM

Darren’s unique perspectives, on almost any topic, are a big reason I actively seek out his opinions. While Darren is surely one of the most intelligent people I know, my respect for him is constantly heightened by the bar he sets for himself and his firm. An unmatched work ethic accompanied by a consistent need to be mindful of the downstream effects of any idea allows Bailey & Company to provide great leadership in any space; to not only be willing to put in the work, but to have the foresight to keep the overarching aim on target. Darren is someone I’ll continue to want by my side as I navigate any future endeavors.

- Blake Croegaert
Director, Verdant Partners

I had the privilege of working with Darren through a complex transaction of a family-held business in the agriculture sector. Without his patience, attention to detail, and broad skillset, I am certain we would not have been successful in closing the deal. Darren is extremely organized and has a depth of financial and operational experience across multiple industries that he always utilizes in a professional manner and on a timely basis.


Our firm regularly works with mid-size, closely-held businesses that are often challenged by time, personnel, or knowledge constraints that are needed for all operations to be successful. Stakeholders in these companies are often faced with difficult decisions to either invest in third-party services to better manage their companies or perform work internally that distracts them from other priorities and can result in costly inefficiencies. Darren has the unique ability to understand these challenges and customize services that solve problems and ultimately enhances processes and profitability for all types of businesses. I highly recommend Darren to any owner or decision-maker wanting to improve functionality, outlook, and outcomes.


I will always be grateful to Darren for helping us navigate a very difficult time in our lives. He helped us work through a complicated business sale; establishing a sound financial footing for our next business ventures.


Bailey & Company aided Rob-See-Co in the acquisition of Master’s Choice and was instrumental in allowing Rob-See-Co to close with confidence on a difficult purchase negotiation. Bailey & Company are organized, credible, honest and have a unique ability to persevere in the face of obstacles. They not only delivered on their promises consistently but went above and beyond in supporting us even after our contract expired. For these reasons we highly recommend Bailey & Company.

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